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idiom origin

Throughout the ‘20s, records progressively became louder to take advantage of the proliferation of gramophones that had no volume knob. The phrase “put a sock in it” actually references cramming a sock into the horn of a gramophone to stifle the sound on louder recordings.

batman watercolor II

^ “Le Bat” by Jennie Ottinger

splat iii







flames of the forest, fires of the past

most inexplicable collection ever. i’ve got a couple hundred of these blasted things. in the dystopian future where dead lighters are a currency, i shall be queen.


“I’m a bit foggy as to what jute is, but it’s apparently something the populace is pretty keen on…”

Leave it to Jeeves, P.G. Wodehouse

^ google image search:  “jute”


^ google image search:  “burlap”

english serpent


supersize that shit so’s i can bathe in it

now in london

^ aram gallery, UK.

^ prototypes and experiments iv (21 jan – 6 march)


(not really)

eagle claw

^ the lars holst restraint collection

> via martin klasch


metal tin:



poster of the day: fantastic derring-do

^ 1966

> a few more

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