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pour chris marker


happy birthday/see ya!

(29/07/21 to 29/07/12)


> wiki


> marker’s youtube channel

> marker photostream (as sandor krasna)


++ AKA: kosinski (youtube); sergei murasaki (second life); nemo lowkat; sandor krasna

more watchables & caps:

(2011) stopover in dubai (full vid)

(2004) chats perchés

(1997) level five

(1990) an owl is an owl is an owl (full vid)

(1988) tokyo days (full vid)

(1984) 2084 (full vid)

(1983) sans soleil (full vid)

(1981) junkopia (full vid)

(1965) le mystère koumiko (full vid)

(1962) la jetée (full vid)

(1959, w/walerian borowczyk) les astronautes


> many more online-viewable films indexed at
the diy chris marker retrospective assembled by pacze moj

> a look at marker’s studio on agnès varda’s tv show; version with english subs

> epitaphe en forme de chat (mp3)

> 30/07/12


> alexandre kha:  l’attrapeur d’images

> alexandre kha: la disparue

> alexandre kha’s photostream|


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splat iii




ps. happy new year

AKA laundry day II

united we stand

fingers of fate


plug ii

plug: the stopping off place

just found this blerg; nice. (via)

equivocal II

The fascinans corresponds to the intoxicating qualities of the sacred, to the Dionysian giddiness, the ecstasy, the unity of transport. However, it is also, more simply, the bounty, the mercy, and the love of the divinity for what he has created that draws them irresistibly. On the other hand, the tremendum represents “divine wrath,” the inexorable justice of the “jealous” God before whom the humbled sinner trembles and begs pardon. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna appears before the hero Arjuna, who is terrified at seeing humans hurling themselves en masse into the God’s mouth, like mountain streams flowing into the sea, “as the insect flies into the deadly flame.” Some, with heads broken, remain suspended between his teeth, and the God’s tongue thirsts for the entire generations that his throat has swallowed.


(Roger Caillois, “The Ambiguity of the Sacred.” Man and the Sacred.)


quittin time

in amurrica (lower left) we live guilt-free…

smokeless in oh-ten *clink*

merry and bright

americana II

greeting cards with grimacing babies


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