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  1. since you managed to find a different image than the one that was on tumblr, i would have thought you would have tin-eyed it and answered your own query. BUT SINCE YOU ASKED:


    Hukushima Toshiko is his name.

    “Work of Mr. Fukushima has to look long and speak thin too, portrait, hold onto your face constantly the subject very simple that portrait, interwoven in many ways a new element is always there, people are drawn and feels so strongly that every exhibition has been brought more depth to the expressions and gestures.

    Evolution / deepening but this exhibition is enough.
    In contrast colors are bolder expression, and appear in person, especially the “eye” will be drawn into an intense feeling released from the sign.

    Nestled their long limbs and thin people, were tangled pieces fit.
    To imagine the relationship between the various people that there appeared relaxed, and the association.
    Full of tense moments that captured the movement generous, full of the romanticism that leave those relationships that exist in time and go slow and flowing, the situation is different and each give off more depth Slowly the awareness of, and firmly 引Kitsukemasu.

    I also said work is unique glossy finish oil paint, seems to bring a unique depth to the scene depicted. Color and black and red are playing the beautiful mysterious enough to remind the however gloss lacquer, and feel at home and dressed and acting in their own way in these circumstances, deep in its body flexible their generosity to the sky, or Among them flutter or if the background color. The smooth texture of moist and dense screen, also acts depicted in the atmosphere of the scene, and I think that sign is difficult to derive.


  2. there are no stupid questions, just my stupid answer

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